The Plant Detective

Weekdays at 3:15 pm

The Plant Detective was born on the University of Montana campus in Missoula. In 1995, Pharmacy professor Rustem Medora heard a short informational show on Montana Public Radio about herbs and spices by Beth Judy, freelance producer and writer. He approached the radio station about a similar show on medicinal plants. Judy came up with Flora Delaterre, plant detective, and the first show aired in 1996. For years it was five minutes long and opened with the theme from Peter Gunn. The latest version weighs in at 90 seconds and tracks Flora and her plant investigations around the world. It began airing in March 2006. Charles Nichols composed the theme music. The Botanical Medicine Department at Bastyr University guides and reviews content for the show.   Its goals are: 

  • To provide information about benefits, risks, and efficacy of individual medicinal plants.
  • To increase awareness of plants and their vital importance to people.
  • To encourage the active preservation and protection of plants and plant species.
  • To increase appreciation for the amazing natural systems around us–including our own bodies.
  • To entertain and encourage.
  • To stimulate demand for more research on phytomedicinal compounds.