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Don Criss, Host of Southwest Spotlight
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A Southwest Spotlight

A Southwest Spotlight is a 5-minute weekly public affairs production of KENW-FM that shines a light on people, places, issues and news of interest in eastern New Mexico and West Texas.

The host of the show is Don Criss, host of KENW-TV's "You Should Know".  

A Southwest Spotlight airs twice a week on KENW-FM at 2:20 p.m. MT Wednesdays and 9:20 a.m. MT Fridays.

The programs also are available as podcasts on the KENW-FM website page for "A Southwest Spotlight."

(NOTE: Some programs archived on the KENW-FM website aired under the former name "High Plains Update" with Janet Lyn.)

CRISS:  This is Southwest spotlight on the KENW Public Radio Network. With me now is Doctor Michael Shaughnessy, professor of special education at Eastern New Mexico University. Doctor Chauncey that the COVID-19 pandemic has caused a lot of problems for a lot of people, and one of them is stress. It's not just being sick or in the hospital. This stress comes at home in a lot of cases. Do you have some suggestions for people in terms of how to handle stress during this very hard time for us all to be around?

CRISS:  This is Southwest Spotlight on the KENW Public Radio Network. With me now is Doctor Manuel Varela, Biology Professor at Eastern New Mexico University. And I wanted to talk to you today to help answer some questions that people might have. Let me say that I enjoy being on your friend page and watch you and get all of the reports that you make on Facebook. And You do a great job. Hopefully, we can talk people into trusting what you and I are going to talk about-, which is getting vaccinated for COVID-19.




CRISS:  This is Southwest Spotlight on the KENW Public Radio Network.  With me now is Jeffery Bustamante, CEO of beWellnm.  And Jeffery will you tell me what beWellnm is and what you do for people here in the state.


CRISS:  This is Southwest Spotlight on the KENW, Public Radio Network. Our guest today is Doctor Patrice Caldwell. Chancellor of Eastern Mexico Universities system here on the Eastern Plains and President of Eastern New Mexico University in Portales. Thank you for talking with us today, Patrice.

CALDWELL: Happy to do so, Don.

CRISS:  OK, can you tell us about the upcoming virtual commencement, a few things?

On Southwest Spotlight, Don's guest is Tom McFadden, who is an actor and an author, and he has some advice for those of us who are getting older that will help us to feel and think younger.