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CPB Transparency Requirements

The Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) requires each television licensee that receives funding from CPB to disclose certain information to the public.  KENW-TV and KENW-FM are licensed by the FCC to the Board of Regents of Eastern New Mexico University.  

Required disclosures are as follows:

KENW-TV/FM is not required to file a Form 990, therefore, according to CPB policy, the station is required to post compensation information as outlined in the Form 990. That information is as follows: the Broadcast Center is a public service division of Eastern New Mexico University (ENMU) and operates KENW-TV/FM with partial funding support from the State of New Mexico Legislature. Neither ENMU nor the State legislature is required to file an IRS Form 990. Had KENW-TV/FM (through ENMU or the State Legislature) been required to file an IRS Form 990, it would have identified the following information:

  • Compensation paid to officers, directors and trustees: None
  • Compensation paid to key employees of over $150,000/year: None
  • Compensation paid to the five highest paid employees (limited to those over $100,000/year): None
  • Compensation paid to former officers, key employees and highest compensated employees who received more than $100,000 from the organization and any related organizations: None
  • Former directors or trustees that received, in the capacity as a former director or trustee of the organization, more than $10,000 of reportable income from the organization or any related organizations: None