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Report Reception Problems - Closed Captioning Certification

Reception Problems

If you are having difficulties receiving any of our television channels, you can report them to us in several ways.  We have a toll-free telephone number 1-888-367-5369 (1-888-FOR-KENW) or if you are in the Portales area the number is 562-2112.  You can also report problems by e-mail -- for TV the address is kenwtv@enmu.edu or for FM the address is kenwfm@enmu.edu.  You can also click on the following link to read about any technical problems we are experiencing around our system.

Closed Captioning Problems

If you are having Closed Captioning problems with any of our TV programs you can call the telephone numbers listed above or you can e-mail Captioning.Hotline.kenwtv@enmu.edu.  KENW-TV is committed to providing reliable Closed Captioning for its programming.  Most of the programs we broadcast are captioned.  At the present time, there are a few programs that are exempt from the captioning requirements of the FCC.  Those are primarily locally produced programs from small stations such as ours that cannot afford the cost of captioning for its local programming.

KENW-TV Closed Captioning Certification

KENW-TV certifies that it complies with all FCC Closed Caption guidelines and rules in providing high quality closed captioning to include accuracy, synchronicity, completeness, and placement.  KENW-TV follows best practices to include agreements with captioning vendors, operational best practices, monitoring/remedial best practices, and certification procedures.

View Current Technical Problems, if any!