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DirecTV and Dish Viewers

We're Back! On Dish and DirecTV
in most counties of New Mexico except Union, Quay, Curry, Roosevelt, and Dona Ana.

We are grateful to both Dish and DirecTV for putting us back on their satellite services, and to Nielsen for moving KENW-TV back to the Albuquerque/Santa Fe DMA. DirecTV officially “launched” our station on June 9th and Dish officially “launched” our station on June 10th, 2015.

There is some disappointment, however.  DirecTV is not carrying our High Definition signal (HD). Even though we are sending them a HD signal, they are down-converting the HD to Standard Definition (SD). This is the only way DirecTV says they have room to carry our signal at the present time.  DirecTV viewers are receiving our 3-1 schedule.  In addition, it is our understanding that a DirecTV viewer has to subscribe to HD service in order to watch our channel on the HD section of DirecTV, even though DirecTV is only transmitting our signal in SD.  Dish Network viewers are receiving our SD 3-2 schedule. 

We would like these satellite providers to carry our both our High Definition (HD) and Standard Definition (SD) channels (3-1 and 3-2 schedules) as they do other local television stations.  However, both companies choose not to do that because we have different program schedules on each channel.  We program each channel separately to give those who watch our station on antennas more viewing choices.  We currently have three channels for over-the-air viewers to watch in our coverage area of eastern New Mexico, giving these viewers three different program choices during most hours of our broadcast day.