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Igudesman & Joo

Virtuosi Igudesman & Joo Have Serious Fun with Classical Music for a Radio Program Filled with Comic Treasures Mozart was a funny guy. Haydn a laugh riot. Wagner, well, not so much. These composers may not have been doing standup routines but the world of classical music abounds with humor. In their new WFMT Radio Network radio show, “You Just Have to Laugh,” the hilariously inventive Igudesman & Joo mine the rich vein of this oft-neglected side of so-called serious music. The duo, who as Monty Python alum Terry Jones notes, “brings surrealism to the concert hall and takes its trousers down,” has been delighting audiences—and some 40 million YouTube viewers—worldwide with their mash-ups of classical music, pop culture and pure zaniness.