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Recipes for The Sparkling Home

Becky Johnson, a former Home Economics teacher and speaker, shared some "Recipes" for cleaning the home and for saving money at the same time. 

Glass Sparkle

10     oz. filtered water
1       tsp. Dawn dishwashing liquid
1       tsp. Jet Dry Rinse Aid for the dishwasher
1       tsp. rubbing alcohol

Place all ingredients in a 12 oz. spray bottle. Shake well to mix. Use in place of commercial window cleaner. Costs less than a penny to make!

Laundry Snow

1      (55 oz.) box Arm & Hammer Washing Soda (sodium carbonate)
1      (65 oz.) box 20 Mule Team Borax
2      (17.6 oz.) box white Zote Flakes
1-2   (16 oz.) canisters Oxygen Based Cleaner for Laundry, like OxyClean

Combine together in a large container. Mix well. Use 2 tablespoons to 1/4 cup depending on size of load. Low sudsing and costs pennies per load.

Fabric Fluff

Favorite fabric softener and white vinegar
Glass jug (half-gallon or gallon size)

Fill glass jug halfway full of fabric softener. Add equal amount of white vinegar and shake well. Use the same amount you would regularly use of fabric softener. The vinegar will "sweeten" and soften your clothes without an oily residue.

Milk Bath
1      c. powdered whole milk
2     Tbsp. baby oil
1      tsp. vanilla extract, few drops favorite essential oil, or favorite perfume

Combine all ingredients together and place in pretty jar. Pour directly into bathtub under warm running water.  Swish with hand to mix.  Relax & enjoy! (Caution: bathtub may be slippery).

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