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Great Arts at Eastern this week talks with Caleb Ramsell and Kristen Baca of Belen, New Mexico

This week on Great Arts at Eastern, Jeff Gentry talks with Caleb Ramsell and Kristen Baca of Belen, New Mexico about their Theatre and Musical Educational Experiences at Eastern New Mexico University. 

Caleb studies theatre and digital filmmaking; Kristen is in music education. 

Caleb had a summer acting gig at the Vortex in Albuquerque in performing the "Complete works of William Shakespeare Abridged" for a six week run.  Caleb also performed the same program here at Eastern about a year ago. 

Kristen plays the  euphonium  is a member of the GSMB (Greyhound Sound Marching Band )  Who will be performing the Killer Queen Theme , Which is a compilation of music from the famous rock band the Queen. “And everyone has left it so far.”  Kristen states, “We had our first football game last Friday.  And we had a very good response from the crowd. ”

Kristen is also a part of the wind Symphony in relation to being part of brass, percussion, piano, and sight singing, Kristen really enjoys playing the piano in her off time. 

Caleb will be showing up his acting versatility in the upcoming production of Sherwood: The Adventures of Robin Hood later this semester.  In which he has been studying stage combat for the role. 

Caleb states in playing the role of Robin Hood: “Although it is called Sherwood: The Adventures of Robin Hood it is mainly an ensemble piece, there are a lot of very strong characters, there is Mary Ann, Friar Tuck, and is gonna be a lot of fun.   Caleb has also done some stand-up comedy as well as taking up play-writing to help his skills as an actor and as a writer. 

To see more of the events that Caleb and Kristen will be in check out the events calendar at <enmu.edu/fineartsevents> and learn more about this program and more at KENW.org