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Great Arts at Eastern this week talks with Scott Golem about his upcoming exhibition: Circling the

This week on Great Arts at Eastern, Jeff Gentry talks with Scott Golem about his upcoming exhibition:  Circling the Horizon that is appearing at the Runnels Gallery from September 23rd through October 18th. 

Scott is a professor that teaches in graphic design in addition to being a visual artist as well.  Scott talks about how visual arts and graphic design converge and separate in his work for him that he uses his fine art for magazine work and he combines them in his use of photography.  In his upcoming exhibition he states: “What I wind up doing was doing a series of what I call sky-scapes and, these are mostly taken around Portales and the surrounding areas.  And I am finding some awesome cloud formations and colors.  And It is not so much the sun itself, but what the sun is doing to the clouds.” These images of New Mexico Sunrises and Sunsets in all sorts of colors and shapes and sizes are presented in spectacular detail. 

One of the works that Scott has worked on is titled “Storm Fusion."  Scott states while creating this work he wound up shooting it he: 

“-saw these clouds coming in, there was a storm coming in and I was able to get into my car and quickly go down over to the local airport, which is nice and flat, no big billboards in the way and was able to get a great sky scape of this. It was really interesting because the sun the was setting as it was raining. So, you got this combination of rain coming down with dark clouds and underneath this you have got this golden light coming out.”  

Additionally, "Dark Sun Shower" is similar to "Storm Fusion" in catching the Sky while it was raining and catches those same rays of light and how the "Sky is continuing to change." 

Another one that is interesting is "Rings of New Mexico" that Scott was inspired by after he attended a symposium in Poland and talked with the artists and seeing the works in the galleries and museums there.  

"I decided to take these sky-scapes further and wound up using this computer software in Photoshop to create this Circle of Color.  So, I wound up creating this of this pie plate of color, and it to me it represents a kind of space/planet type of thing that is very relaxing and using those relaxing colors in those photos."  

Circling the Horizon 

Scott Golem, faculty designer Runnels Gallery, 

ENMU Golden Student Success Center 

Exhibition opens Sept. 23 to Oct. 18, 2019 

Reception, Friday, Sept. 27 | 5 p.m.

For more details see the Fine Arts Calendar at enmu.edu/fineartsevents