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Great Arts at Eastern this week talks with Crystal Jacobson, Crystal Pritchett, and Paula Grady

This week on Great Arts at Eastern, Jeff Gentry talks with Crystal Jacobson, Crystal Pritchett, and Paula Grady of the Portales Creative Group, about the upcoming Portales Fall Art Festival.

Crystal Pritchett talks about that though it looks like the arts festival is going to take over Portales, New Mexico, on Saturday. "We usually have our art shows in one venue, but now we have 11 venues. So, I'm calling it an art walk, you can walk, it's all walkable from one place to another."

Paula Grady, who states with the Portales art festival dovetailing and week before the Portales Peanut Festival, on the weekend of the 12th and the Peanut Festival following on the weekend of the 19th. Paula Grady states that "-The goal of this event, in particular, is to bridge the art between Eastern New Mexico University and the group that we do here and Portales. And because it's family weekend at Eastern, there'll be art down there as well as art downtown. (So) everybody (who is) local can enjoy it as well as the families coming to visit their students at Eastern."  

Chrystal Jacobson talks about how the ENMU personnel supporting the Portales Creative Group:

"We have all of our Art Professors (that) are going to be in the building, as well as. While all of the art students will have their artwork featured as well. Some of our professors will also have some of their artwork featured as well (at the festival). But that's who we have supporting it." Chrystal Jacobson pointed out that "the art and anthropology building will have some cases set up with some (of the) different sculptures and things in it. As well as (including) the visual arts, paintings, and drawings" that were done by the students and faculty. 

The Portales Arts Festival

Saturday, October 12 from 2 to 5 PM

Downtown Portales locations off the square: 

  • The Chamber of Commerce Building
  • 106 Gallery on Main Street
  • The Happy Place
  • Do Drop Inn
  • Roosevelt Brewery
  • Edna's Sewing Basket
  • Fashion Girl
  • AJs Wings
  • Times Remembered
  • Best Western Inn

From 1 to 3 PM

  • The Arts and Anthropology Building at ENMU

You can find all the great arts at Eastern at <enmu.edu/fineartsevents> And learn more about this program at KENW.org.