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Great Arts at Eastern this week talks with Ruth McClain and Malin Barnes about the upcoming Pops Din

This week on Great Arts at Eastern, Jeff Gentry talks with Ruth McClain and Malin Barnes about the upcoming 52nd annual Pops Dinner Concert taking place on Saturday, November 16.

With many holding tickets to the famous POPS-dinner concert, the University Friends of Music (UFOM), Malin states that "They provide scholarships for many of the Arts students. I know a number of my friends are making it through the semester based on those scholarships." "Same here," states Ruth. "That's how I have basically gone through the entirety of my four years here is because of those scholarships,"

Malin is a member of the Wind Symphony, the instruments that he will be playing Saturday night at the concert the French Horn and the Euphonium. "Part of being an instrumental instructor is learning all of the instruments, and so Brass is kinda where I just find my home. I started on trumpet when I was six and just picked the rest up from there."

What made Malin decide to leave the state of Texas and move to Eastern New Mexico was that "My Dad was in the military. He just retired last July after thirty-six years of service. And so I just had the opportunity to go to Eastern. and I thought why not, I'll just stick with it."

Ruth is a Swanee singer senior soprano. Most of the Music that the Swanee singers do is of the more popular songs than Traditional Music that one hear's at one of these concerts. "We normally do more of what everyone kind of knows and what is popular on the radio. And just kind of appeal to our audience through there instead of complete classical Music that is basically what the program is. "That also appeals to the wind symphony section that Malin is part of.

"Oh yes, definitely, there is a lot of appealing to the audience with the repertoire. Because You do not want to alienate the people who are buying your tickets. So whenever we do the Name that Tune piece we tried to keep it music that people will be familiar with, rather than what is popular with the current generation."

Another favorite treat for the audience at these concerts is the Name that Tune contest. Jeff jokingly states: "Does anyone try to ply you with chocolate to get insider information?" Malin responds. "Personally I have not had to experience that type of bribery, there is a little bit of push and shove when it comes to the names of the tunes, but you won't get anything out of me."

Since the tickets have sold out Malin and Ruth joke about the tickets, they were able to get for themselves and their families. Ruth jokes, that "I was able to get four tickets, three for my family and one for my roommate.- -So Sorry." While conversely, Malin stated that it was just going to be him and that he was going to perform and for the food. Which Ruth exclaimed. "Hey, Food!!! Food."

The 52nd annual POPS-Dinner Concert

7 pm on Saturday, November 16,

ENMU's Campus Union Building in Portales, New Mexico.

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