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Chase Editor Kiley Garrett on Great Arts at Eastern

GENTRY: And now Great Arts at Eastern, from the Portales campus of Eastern New Mexico University. I’m Jeff Gentry, Dean of the College of Fine Arts here on KENW, your Public Radio Network. Today my guest is Kiley Garrett, a graduate student in the Department of Communication at ENMU and Editor of the Chase Student newspaper. Thank you for joining me today.

KILEY: Thank you for having me. It’s so nice to be here.

GENTRY: Great, Kiley, you are in the MA program in communication. How do you enjoy life as a young scholar?

KILEY: It's definitely enjoyable. I absolutely love the research process that comes along with being a grad student. Probably my favorite process out of all of the experiences that I've had as a Masters's student so far.

GENTRY: Wonderful, well, the Chase has been an Eastern student newspaper of record since 1934. How do you feel about that legacy?

KILEY: It’s a lot of pressure. I’m really doing my best to uphold it, and I hope that I’m doing a great job. But I definitely feel the pressure to uphold that legacy.

GENTRY: Do you have some late nights under deadline in The Newsroom?

KILEY: Oh, definitely, I definitely burn the midnight oil like well into the AM getting stuff done for the newspaper.

GENTRY: What are some news stories that you and your staff are working on right now?

KILEY: Right now, we’re doing a lot of Halloween coverage and a lot of Student events coverage. We just covered a city- an activity, the first day of the day. And I believe we're covering Eastern Got Talent tonight.

GENTRY: Right, and I noticed a recent article was about how students can help make sure that they graduate on time with their CAP analysis. That’s got to be important.

KILEY: Absolutely, we went ahead, and we covered one of the CAPs that is Upcoming- CAP degree workshops that Eastern provides, and I think that anyone who read the article probably get a little a little bit of information that might help them out.

GENTRY: Well, graduating on time is a good thing for sure. So, tell me a little about some of your staff writers like Chris Ishum, Jorge Luna, Emily Torkowski.

KILEY: Emily is our social media, one of our social media coordinators. The other two are recent submissions from other students, mainly in the feature writing class at-in the Communication Department. Emily is one of our staff writers, though, and she does an amazing job. She runs the Facebook and the Twitter. And she- she really- she is a First Semester Student, and she has shown so much improvement already, and she was great, to begin with. So. And then we also have three other Staff writers. We have Steve- Stephen Rausa, Luke Lueras, and Zoe Wingfield. And all of them except for Steven are new writers, and they've all been doing such a great job this semester.

GENTRY: Right.

KILEY: Such a great job. Such a great opportunity to be able to work with them.

GENTRY: Yes, I saw the profiles on Emily, Zoe, and Steven, and Luke. Those were really interesting there. Is that on the Facebook or on your website?

KILEY: That is on the Facebook. We are currently them up on the website, and those should go up soon. But those are mainly on the Facebook right now.

GENTRY: OK, so that’s one way to access The Chase. And you mentioned a couple of reader contributors. And so, how can readers contribute a news tip or even volunteer a story?

KILEY: You can always email my student email Kiley.Guerra@emu.edu, or you can message up on Facebook or Instagram, or Twitter, of course. And we are welcoming submissions. We're welcoming volunteer writers. And we welcome news pics, of course, as well.

GENTRY: Great, and then you guys are- are going to resume printed publications soon. Is that right?

KILEY: Yes, we’re planning. We’re working on getting our first printed publication out within the next couple of weeks, hopefully. We were having some issues. Mainly the reason is coming out so late is because they’re having some issues with printing prices.

GENTRY: Right,

KILEY: They’ve gone up quite a bit in the past year.

GENTRY: Right, well, I’m glad that you’re adapting. We’ve got the Facebook access your- your online and Kiley. It’s been a real pleasure getting to visit with you about the Chase.

KILEY: Thank you for having me.

GENTRY: The Chase can be found around campus soon on Facebook, and at ENMUthechaseonline.com, that's ENMUthechaseonline.com. Our listeners can find all the Great Arts at Eastern at enmu.edu/fineartsevents. Thanks for listening on KENW, Your Public Radio Network.

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