Tips & Techniques from Creative Living

Creative Living covers lots of different areas to help everyone live a more creative life.  We feature guests who are experts in foods/nutrition, clothing/fashion, crafts, gardening and landscaping, home decor, and much more.  We also have authors who talk about their books and many more interesting guests.  There is a complete section that features the Recipes (look on the Creative Living drop down link) but this section on Tips & Techniques will highlight some of the things the "other" guests have shared.  As always, please let me know what you think.  My email address is:  Sheryl Borden.

Becky Johnson, a former Home Economics teacher and speaker, shared some "Recipes" for cleaning the home and for saving money at the same time. 

Glass Sparkle

10     oz. filtered water
1       tsp. Dawn dishwashing liquid
1       tsp. Jet Dry Rinse Aid for the dishwasher
1       tsp. rubbing alcohol

Place all ingredients in a 12 oz. spray bottle. Shake well to mix. Use in place of commercial window cleaner. Costs less than a penny to make!

Laundry Snow

I learned so much about new technology in the vacuum cleaner field. My guest, Toufic Khayrallah (he said we could just call him T.K.) represented Sirena Water Vacuum - the most advanced vacuum in the world. Sirena does not use bags, it eliminates allergens, pet hair & odors from the home, harnesses the power of water to effectively clean carpets and furniture, provides indoor air quality - and much more. It comes with lots of attachments and takes the places of multiple other cleaning aids.