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Great Art talks with Luis Burke about the upcoming Wind Symphony Concert

GENTRY: And now Great Arts at Eastern, from the Portales campus of Eastern New Mexico University. I’m Jeff Gentry, Dean of the College of Fine Arts, here on KENW, your Public Radio Network. Today my guest is Luis Burke, a senior music education major at ENMU. Thank you for joining me today.

BURKE: Thank you for inviting me.

GENTRY: Luis, you have had several trumpet solos in all of the concerts and recitals that I’ve seen you in, such as the recent Jazz Dance. What do we call it: The Big Band Dance?


GENTRY: And so how have you advanced your skills in trumpet over the last four years?

BURKE: Ah, mainly it has just been listening to different professionals, seeing what I like the most about their tone, their quality, the characteristics of their playing, and just grabbing snippets of it and see if I can mimic it and then start developing my own character of trumpet playing.

GENTRY: That’s neat. And did you. How did you enjoy playing at the general recital last month?

BURKE: Oh, it was great just being able to be in front of people again and being able to share a musical experience with everybody.

GENTRY: I’m glad you said that because we’re back in Buchanan Hall at ENMU in Portales, New Mexico, starting with the general recitals. We've had some faculty recitals. And then, on Sunday, we get to have the Wind Symphony. I guess we should call it a triumphant return.

BURKE: Yes, definitely.

GENTRY: So, in-in the concert, what do you know anything about some of the selections? Maybe you’re not Privy to tell, but can you tell us about anything that you will be performing in the Wind Symphony concert on Sunday?

BURKE: Definitely, there's some very awesome selected pieces that we have, as one of my favorite ones is Celebration Fanfare, and the one that I'm looking forward to the most is definitely Pineapple Paul.

GENTRY: Alright, is there some good trumpet on those tunes?

BURKE: Definitely on Celebration Fanfare.

GENTRY: Great, and for our younger listeners, why do you recommend picking up a musical instrument?

BURKE: It’s just a different way of being able to express yourself. Words can only go so far, but music can go even further.

GENTRY: That’s- that's great. The Wind Symphony is in concert on Sunday, and as we said, you're back in Buchanan Hall performing for a live audience. Can we expect a Luis Burke trumpet solo?

BURKE: Yes, definitely.

GENTRY: Alright, that’s what I was hoping for because the Big Band Dance your name was called a number of times for those- for those silos, and I always look forward to those. So how goes your student teaching?

BURKE: My student teaching, I haven’t really begun with it


BURKE: But yeah, but I’m definitely looking forward to it. I’m- I’m excited to teach others.

GENTRY: OK, right, and so, yeah, I don’t know if you’ve been placed yet for- for that, but that’s a big part of the music education process, I suppose.

BURKE: Definitely.

GENTRY: Alright, and then we get to have the Fall Jazz Concert in November, right? So, we’re going to- we’re going to see Burke everywhere. Can you tell me anything about the Fall Jazz Concert?

BURKE: With the Fall Jazz Concert, there's not much I can say, but definitely, we are getting prepared for it, and there's going to be some very awesome pieces that we're going to be performing.

GENTRY: Great. And will there be any Jazz Singing at that?

BURKE: I as of what I know now, No.

GENTRY: OK. ‘cause the other day at the Big Band Dance we got to hear some vocals, which was very fun too.

BURKE: Yes, and they did a phenomenal job.

GENTRY: Great. And then you’re just so busy. The Pops Concert, I suppose you’ll be there?


GENTRY: That's an annual tradition going back, I think to 1968. And then the Holiday Concert as well, right?


GENTRY: Are you a little busy?

BURKE: Very busy.

GENTRY: That's fantastic. Well, Luis, it’s always great to visit with our students. You know, I’m- I’m featuring ENMU students on Great Arts at Eastern this year, and it’s a real pleasure to get to talk with you today.

BURKE: It was awesome talking to you as well.

GENTRY: Alright, the Wind Symphony Concert is this Sunday, October 24th, in Buchanan Hall; that’s in the Music Building at ENMU in Portales, New Mexico. Directed by Dustin Seifert, Dan Sidney Shuler. Our listeners can find all the Great Arts at Eastern at enmu.edu/FineArtsEvents. Thanks for listening on KENW, your Public Radio Network.


Wind Symphony in Concert

Dustin Seifert and Sidney Shuler, conductors

Buchanan Hall, Music Building (MB)

Sunday, October 24th, 2021 | 3 p.m.

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